What would your home study reveal?

Our home study is officially complete. Now, the waiting period begins. We are just at the beginning of our adoption process, but finishing our home study is a welcome relief.

Having a social worker walk through your home is a daunting experience. I found myself scrutinizing our home, our bookshelves, everything about us that would tell the social worker what kind of people and family we are.

In the days before our home visit, I walked through my house, trying to imagine it through her eyes. What would she see that might make her think we were lame? What makes us look awesome? What looks like we’re trying too hard?

Mostly, I wanted to see what kind of life and family she would see as she walked through our home. If she was going to truly study our home, what kind of home would she find?

The answer was this: We do not have a perfect home. We have a normal family. We make messes. We have dirty dishes in the sink. We have overdue library books (gasp!) on our shelves.

But I also realized that any visitor to our home would see that our family is built on three things – love, laughter and learning.

LOVE. We show love for each other in our home by always showing respect for each other. We don’t yell in our home. Our walls are adorned with pictures of our family together. Our love for Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ is also a central component of our home. We pray with our children and try to read scriptures together daily. We also teach them in Family Home Evening each week how to be more like their Savior.

LAUGHTER. We love to have fun. We play soccer in the family room after dinner and grease up the kitchen floor for indoor slip-and-slides.

LEARNING. We love to learn something new everyday. My husband teaches the kids Spanish and watercolors. All of our beds are littered with books because we pile into bed to read during our family sleepovers on the weekend.

It’s truly a strange experience to have someone come into your home and judge whether you are worthy parents. But honestly, it’s an experience I’m glad I have because it made me look at my home and realize if we’ve got those three things – love, laughter and learning – we’re doing something right.

What would a social worker see in your home? What are the major themes of your family and home?






  1. Laura Jones

    Oh, Erin, I love your blog, especially since I can picture you all. You, my dear, and all your family have nothing to fear from a home study. One can see the love in your lives just by walking in. And did you show them the magnificent toy room?????
    Hope that all goes well and a third little one is there soon.

  2. Danny Chipman

    Great post! I have no idea how picky home-study investigators are, but I hope they take reality into account. Good luck with the adoption process! Any child who finds his or her way into your home will be a lucky one!

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