Back away from the pastry

You know that vat of cookie dough at Costco? The one that you see and you think, “Oh, my gosh. Who could ever actually eat that much cookie dough? That’s ridiculous.”

Well, I am that person. I am that person who bought the cookie dough and then ate chocolate chip cookies every night for two weeks until there wasn’t one chocolate morsel left. That’s five pounds of cookie dough my friends. Five pounds.

I am not proud. But I am that person.

I wish I had more self-control when it comes to consuming massive amounts of baked goods and sweets. I am constantly making goals for myself: one treat per day, one treat if I exercise, no sweets at home. But in the end, I end up eating chocolate chip cookies on the couch by myself, loathing myself for once again falling short of my goal.

I can’t help it. After a full day of chasing kids and being at everyone else’s beck and call, the best thing in the world is that moment alone eating a chocolate chip cookie or bowl of ice cream or whatever I can find with chocolate in it. I realize that paints a pretty depressing and pathetic picture of myself, but there it is in all its complex carbohydrate shame.

This week has been particularly bad for me. After the vat-o-cookie-dough incident, we hit Halloween. I’m well on my way to diabetes after my late-night raids on my daughter’s candy stash.

So what’s a mom to do? Those carrot sticks and granola bars just aren’t cutting it at the end of a long day. And if I could eat just one cookie and be done with it, I would — believe me. But five pounds of Nestle Tollhouse beg to differ.

What do you do to curb the cravings for sweets? Do you go in cycles of rules and goals for yourself? Has anything actually worked?

Erin Stewart is a regular blogger for Deseret News. From stretch marks to the latest news for moms, Stewart discusses it all while her 4-year-old daughter crams Mr. Potato Head pieces in her little sister’s nose.

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