The Lord's handmaid

I always think a lot about Mary during the Christmas season.

It’s only natural that since being a mother is an all-consuming part of my life right now that I think about Mary, perhaps the ultimate example of faith in motherhood.

We don’t know much about the kind of mother Mary was. The scriptures don’t give us many details about how Mary raised Jesus.

What we do know about Mary is that she had great faith. When the angel Gabriel told her she would conceive a child by power of the Holy Ghost, I can only imagine what she thought. Would she be ostracized for a perceive sin? Would Joseph understand? Had she really seen an angel or could it have been a dream?

But Mary didn’t have those thoughts. In fact, in Luke 1:30 we read that her reaction was simple, “Behold, the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word.”

And with that one line, Mary is my motherhood hero.

She trusts the Lord and fears not. She knows her calling is from the Lord.

Like Mary, I want to be able to say “Behold, the handmaid of the Lord” in word and action. I question myself and the Lord way too often. I wonder how I’m going to get through some days when the kids are whining, when the laundry is towering over me or when I doubt my own ability to be a mom.

And although an angel has not appeared to me in the night, I need to trust that my calling to be a mother also comes from the Lord. And if I really believe that, there is no reason to fear, to doubt or to ever feel alone.

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