Baby diets

What diet is your baby on? Low-carb Atkins? Or maybe she’s counting points on Weight Watchers. You can never start obsessing about your body too early, you know.

Sound crazy? Well, an article from ABC News says more parents are enforcing eating restrictions on their babies because they are worried they are or will be too fat.

Doctors say more parents are putting infants and babies on diets, and some cases are extreme with one couple facing criminal charges after traces of laxatives were found in their daughter’s bottle.

Seriously, people. This is ridiculous.

It’s no wonder that this article came out the same week as a report showing eating disorders on the rise among children. Of course kids are growing up with screwed up body images and ideas of “normal” weight gain if they have been counting the calories in their mashed peas.

Babies are fat. They are supposed to be fat for the first phase of their life. My 4-month-old daughter is a chunk. I have to dig five layers deep to reach her actual neck so I can clean it daily or she gets a rash. Her pediatrician even referred to it as a “chubby rash.”

Am I worried she’ll grow up to be enormous? No. I figure as long as I feed well now, follow nutritional guidelines later and make sure she is active, she won’t battle obesity in her childhood.

It’s true that some people have genetics also working against them, but depriving a baby of nutrition is not the way to avoid obesity. In fact, I would guess it would merely set up that baby to have a messed up view of food (and self) later in life.

What do you think about putting a baby on a diet? What kind of restrictions should there be on what babies or young children eat?

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