Marrying a Mormon

A friend of mine has given up on finding her dream man. She is 30 and has decided to give up on several dating and marrying criteria. Specifically, she is nixing her ideal of marrying a Mormon.

She knew her chances of finding a Mormon mate went down once she left BYU. And while she is not that old compared to normal standards, she feels like a spinster among her Mormon friends who are now celebrating 10-year anniversaries.

So she says “being Mormon” is no longer on her list of must-have qualities in a spouse.

I’m in no position to judge this decision because I am one of those women that got married in college and never had to worry about not finding a man I loved who also shared my same religious views.

But I’m sad that my friend is changing her standards and giving up on finding a partner of the same religion. If she happens to fall in love with someone of another faith, then there’s not much to do. But you marry who you date, and I hate to see her give up on something she once valued in a spouse.

It has to be hard to navigate a marriage without the commonality of religious views, especially with a religion that can affect daily life as much as Mormonism. I’ve watched other women in my church who sit alone on Sundays because their spouses are not LDS. Some of these women have been able to raise their children in the church and even send their sons on missions thanks to supportive husbands. Some have not.

Either way, it’s got to be lonely not to have a shared religion to bond you with your spouse.

What do you think — is finding a spouse of the same religion important? What would be the hardest part of marrying someone not of the same religion?

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