Dads and diapers

I didn’t have to change a diaper until my daughter was two weeks old. My husband and I made a deal when both our girls were born that I would do all the breastfeeding while he did all the diapers until he had to go back to work.

It worked out great both times, and I felt like my husband was an equal partner in the care of our newborn babies.

I also feel like I see more men involved in the care of their babies these days. I often see men wearing their babies in carriers at the park or pushing strollers through the store.

Pampers diaper brand has also decided fathers are an untapped marketing resource. The company is targeting more of its advertisements to dads after a Pampers survey wherein 69 percent of men said they changed diapers as often their wives, while 11 percent said they did so even more often.

It was kind of funny that in the same survey, only 31 percent of mothers said fathers evenly split diaper duty. Just 4 percent said fathers changed more diapers than mom.

Whatever the actual numbers are, I think it’s great that dads are stepping up and helping care for their babies. The old excuse of being incapable of helping around the house while also being the primary breadwinner just doesn’t hold up anymore. Let’s face it, the roles in the home are shifting as women work from home or part-time while men are chipping in to help with the 24-hour job of parenthood.

How are family duties split in your marriage? Does your husband help you with the kids as much as you’d like?

For all you men out there, how much do you think you should help with the children?

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