Baby techies

My daughter is growing up in a very different world than I did.

Just this week, we were taking a springtime walk to the mailbox together. There was a slight breeze, our dog was trotting beside us and I couldn’t help but feel a flashback to my own childhood when I would take this same walk to the mailbox each afternoon.

While I was reveling in this cycle-of-life moment, my daughter looked up from riding her tricycle and yelled, “Hooray, we’re off to get our e-mail!”

OK, so not quite the old-fashioned moment I was imagining.

The truth is my 3-year-old daughter knows words and concepts that I never knew in my childhood. When she wants music, she asks for an “iPop.” When she wants to call her grandparents, she brings me my MacBook to video chat. And when I tried to give her a dial phone to play with like I had as a kid (you know, the one with the red handle, shifty eyes and a smile?), she looked at me like I had just told a hilarious joke. She went to got my cell phone and explained to me (very slowly) that this was a phone. Come on Mom, get with it.

Well, slap a loser label on my forehead and leave me to my butter churn.

What are some ways your kids are growing up in a totally different world than your childhood? What role does technology play in your kids’ lives?

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