Hysterical pregnant women

I cried over a Slurpee this week.

And just like that, I sealed the impression in my husband’s mind that I am, indeed, a hysterical pregnant woman.

I had been watching a TV show that showed several high school students drinking Slurpees. Let me state for the record that I do not like Slurpees. But as I watched the show, I suddenly needed one. No, I didn’t want one; I needed one — NOW.

In desperation, I tried to convince someone, anyone to get me one. Just one cherry Slurpee. Please. Please! An hour later, my father walked through the door with a tall, gas-station cup in his left hand.

I did what any rational adult would do; I broke down and sobbed like a baby. My family watched in awe as I reached for the Slurpee through my tears muttering, “Thank you. Thank you. I just really needed one. Thank you.”

I wish I could say it was the first time that food has brought this pregnant woman to tears. While pregnant with our first daughter, I wandered off in the grocery store once only to have my husband find me in the ice cream aisle sobbing over a particular ice cream treat that I had loved as a child.

It’s just that pregnant women have extreme emotions. If you’ve been pregnant, back me up on this. Your urges come fast and they come without warning. Out of nowhere, you can be so hungry for a French fry that you feel like you are actually dying a little bit with every second that passes without one in your mouth. Or you can be watching a Pampers commercial and find yourself suddenly drowning in tears because the cute baby hugged its mother.

Have you ever had to deal with a hysterical pregnant woman? Or worse, have you ever been one yourself? Any tips (for husband or wife) for surviving the ups and downs of pregnancy?

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