Vampire lovin'

Vampires are hot. Lets just admit that going into this discussion, OK?

And lately, vampires are everywhere. There are a handful of vampire shows on TV now ranging from the graphic and vulgar “True Blood” on HBO to the mass hysteria over “Twilight.” That Twilight fervor has been re-ignited lately with the coming release of the second movie in the series, “New Moon.”

Ah, Twilight. The book/movie series has catapulted sexy vampires to the forefront of every teenage girl’s mind — not to mention mothers who say they are reading the books to bond with their children but are secretly in love with Edward, too.

Edward is the main vampire character in the Twilight series, and women everywhere fell in love with his rugged good looks, unflappable love and his sensitive side masked by a hardened vampire exterior.

But why? Why have normally rational, mature women fallen in love with these blood-sucking villains? (I may or may not have asked my husband to act like a vampire before.)

I loved the answer I found this week in an article on about why vampires are so darn sexy. This is perhaps the most satisfying answer I’ve received to the “What is it about vampires that gets women so fired up?”

“Young women and tween girls love the image of a damaged, morally questionable young man who nevertheless can serve as her protector while she reforms him. What better way to invest a character with such qualities than to make him a protective vampire, bad by nature, but good by inclination?”

Perfect! Well, I’d have to add that most vampires portrayed in books and movies these days are ridiculously attractive. Women don’t stand a chance.

OK, ladies, ‘fess up. Have you read the Twilight series or do you watch any of these new vampire shows? Have you found yourself under the vampire spell?

Why do you think women are so taken in by the vampire fantasy? Is it silly or understandable?

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