Goodbye muffin top, Hello D-cup

The muffin top — you gotta love it.

Yes, it’s that little extra skin/fat/who-knows-what around your waist that is part of nature’s way of reminding you that you did actually fit into those enormous maternity clothes at one point. Do all the sit-ups you want, that muffin top isn’t likely to go anywhere fast.

Add to that the drooping ladies that you’re left with after breastfeeding and it’s no wonder most moms are only seen in sweatshirts and maternity clothes that they swear shrank in the dryer.

But wait! A Miami plastic surgeon has come up with a solution to tackle both of these post-baby dilemmas in one surgery. He actually lipsuctions out the fat from the muffin top and injects it into your breasts. It’s still your own tissue, just about a foot higher and much sexier!

I’m not quite sure how I feel about this procedure yet. It’s fairly new and untested, although I have to admit it sounds pretty sweet. One woman reports chubbing up before her surgery by eating cheeseburgers so she’d have more fat to move to her chest.

I’ve always been a no-plastic-surgery kind of person who thinks you should love the body God gave you and feel good in your skin, no matter how saggy, baggy or deflated. But one of my friends is all about the post-baby plastic surgery and is saving up for her tummy tuck and lift. It’s not “enhancement,” she insists, it’s just restoring things to the way God made them.

So I’m sure this new muffin top for breasts trick would be right up her alley.

What do you think about this new technique? What about post-baby plastic surgery in general? Is it shallow or just putting things back to where they started?

What about you men out there — would you want your wife to get this surgery?

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