Teletubby dads and naughty nurses

I’ve never been a huge fan of Halloween. Kids are all hopped up on candy, and teenagers feel like they can get away with just about anything. I especially don’t like the gory side of the holiday with undead costumes and horrifying decorations. I avoid spook alleys at all costs.

But I do like the cuter and more hilarious sides of Halloween like seeing newborn babies dressed up like lions and adults wearing ridiculous costumes. I also get a laugh out of:

1. Bleary-eyed moms who have been up all night for weeks hand-stitching their child’s costume. You can spot these moms because they have needle pricks in their fingers and keep nose-diving to stop their toddler from getting icing on the front of his homemade Winnie the Pooh suit.

2. Husbands who have clearly been dressed by their wives. These poor guys are usually wearing some awful full-body costume like a fuzzy mouse while their wives are wearing a sexy cat outfit. Or even worse, something like this:


3. Girls and single women who think Halloween is a centuries-old pagan tradition of being trampy. The night is full of naughty nurses, naughty witches and naughty fairies. My friend even went as a naughty cupcake one year, further proving that any costume can be turned “naughty” by slapping on some fishnet stockings, high heels and a mini-skirt. Here, for example, is a Strawberry Shortcake costume. Come on, does it get any more innocent than Strawberry Shortcake?

What are you favorite or least favorite parts of Halloween?

Do you and your family get into Halloween? Do you have any family rules for keeping safe while out trick-or-treating?

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