Naked Swank

Hilary Swank casually mentioned in a November Marie Claire article that her boyfriend’s 6-year-old son sees her naked. I doubt the movie star counted on the controversy that her off-the-cuff remarks about her pajama habits would start.

Here’s what she said:

“Well, my boyfriend’s son is 6 years old, and you wonder at what age you should stop walking around nude. Every morning he comes into the bedroom, and you’re just nude. But he doesn’t look twice; he doesn’t think about it yet. I just toss and turn too much when I sleep, and if I’m in clothes, I get all twisted up.”

Swank’s comments have ignited a debate about when adults should start covering up around youngsters. For me, I come from a family that was very open with nudity and sexuality. I’ve seen every member of my family naked at some point or another and I have no emotional scarring to show for it.

I get dressed and showered in front of my daughter, as does my husband. The only time we’ve even thought twice about it was when my 2-year-old girl started asking why Daddy’s “bottom” was different than hers.

But the part of Swank’s little story that does make me raise my eyebrows a bit is that the child is not hers. She is just the naked girlfriend who may or may not be around next month. I don’t think I’d be happy to be this little boy’s mother and find out that my ex-husband’s lover is strutting around naked (and not just because Hillary Swank is a lot hotter than I am).

What do you think about Swank’s story, or about how much children should see of a girlfriend or boyfriend?

What are the naked boundaries in your home? What about any of you in a blended family: are the nudity limits any different for you?

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