Overworked moms

Breastfeeding is not for sissies. It’s tough work, whether your little one is getting it straight from the source or you’re pumping the milk with a medieval torture device called a breast pump.

But breastfeeding can also be ridiculous. An advertisement this week made me laugh out loud at how strange breastfeeding can be.

The ad featured a woman sitting at a desk wearing a professional business suit. Her laptop was open on her desk and she was on the phone while writing in a notepad. She was a professional, modern woman, except that her blouse was open and she had two breastpumps going to town on her chest. The pumps were secured onto her breasts with a bra-like contraption that this retailer was selling with the promise of “pumping more hours into your day” with “hands-free pumping.”

Hooray! I can finally give that business presentation, go horseback riding or wait in line at the DMV without giving up precious breast pumping hours. Another one of life’s dilemmas solved!

The image of this woman was hilarious with her go-get-’em business outfit while her ladies flapped in the breeze. I imagine her saying things like, “Oh shoot, I spilled breastmilk on the quarterly reports again” or “Can you hold, please, I just pumped 8 ounces in record time!”

But once I was done enjoying the hilarity of this image, I started thinking that maybe this picture is indicative of a problem with modern motherhood: Are we trying to do to much? Do we mothers have so many pressures and demands on us that we have to resort to hands-free breast pumping while taking a conference call?

I’m not just talking about moms who work outside the home full time. I’m talking about moms who simply take on too much, whether it’s PTA, play groups, church activities or book clubs.

We try to do and be everything to everyone. I couldn’t help but think as I looked at this picture that maybe that’s not the way nature intended it.

What do you think — are moms trying to be too may things and do to much? What’s the price we pay for jugging too many balls and trying to “pump more hours” into our day?

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