Swine flu preparations

When my husband got the swine flu, friends were few and far between.

He got the virus in June, right after school got out and he had finished up his last day of teaching at an elementary school in Salt Lake City. Being the supportive and loving wife that I am, I made him sleep on the couch and wear a mask. My family also started referring to him affectionately as the “swine flu kid.”

Fortunately, my daughter and I didn’t get sick and he recovered with no complications in about a week. What I learned, however, was that if you get the swine flu, you’re basically on your own. Sure, we got calls from friends and family asking if we were OK, but no one wanted to come too close to the “sick house.”

So as my husband heads back to school this week while reports of swine flu outbreaks abound, I’ve been working to make my house and family swine-flu ready. I’ve been stocking up on short-term food storage, essential medicines and basically anything else we’d need if we couldn’t or didn’t want to go out in public to go shopping.

I’m also trying to decide whether we should get the swine flu vaccine when it comes out. I get nervous about any new vaccine, but I also don’t want to get sick or help the virus spread by not getting the shot.

Are you doing anything extra this year in anticipation of the swine flu? Will you and your children get the swine flu vaccine when it comes out? Why or why not?

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