Dolls that breastfeed

Forget Raggedy Ann Dolls, today’s baby dolls are about as realistic as they get. They cry. They eat. They even soil themselves. And the latest and greatest doll now allows little girls and boys to mimic the joy of breastfeeding.

That’s right. You no longer have to wait for breasts to breastfeed.

With Baby Gloton (Spanish for little glutton), girls can strap on a halter-top bra with flowers over their nipples to activate the baby’s sucking motion.

The doll hasn’t been released in the United States yet, but as you can imagine, this gluttonous little doll is causing a stir. Pro-breastfeeding activists say the doll is a beautiful way to teach girls the natural way to feed a baby. But some mothers say the doll is too sexual for kids, introduced breastfeeding at too young an age and may even promote teen pregnancy.

Bebe Gloton is quite the little trouble maker.

I wouldn’t buy this doll for my daughter, but not for any of the controversial issues about breastfeeding. No, I don’t think it’s too sexual. Anyone who has breastfed a child knows that it is 100 percent not sexy. Just ask my husband.

And yes, I think breastfeeding should be a more openly discussed part of our society.

I wouldn’t buy Bebe Gloton because it’s totally unnecessary.

Dolls are dolls. They are meant to inspire imaginative play where little kids can pretend to be a parent by pretending to feed, burp and care for a baby. Children shouldn’t have to strap on flower nipples to enter into that world of imagination.

What do you think? Is Bebe Gloton appropriate for children? Would you buy this doll for your kids?

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