Salute to husbands

My husband and I will celebrate our seventh anniversary this week. I know that may seem like a drop in the bucket to some of you, but I’m proud to say we’ve made it to seven years with minimal battle wounds and a marriage that is still going strong.

That’s not to say there haven’t been ups and downs along the way. In fact, my marriage today is a completely different relationship than it was pre-offspring. But I like to think it’s a better, more real marriage than it’s ever been.

I’ll be the first to admit that I owe most of that to my husband. I know I often rib my husband on this blog or to my friends, but the truth is he’s pretty great, particularly for two reasons:

1. He’s a hands-on dad — There’s no “babysitting” our daughter for my husband. He’s just as much a parent as I am. He coddles, he disciplines, he even takes her out of church meetings when she’s too rowdy. And at the risk of divulging my deepest, darkest secret, I confess that he gets up with our daughter so I can sleep in when he doesn’t have to work.

2. He lets me be who I am. When I found out I was pregnant, I went through a soul-searching dilemma on whether I wanted to work full-time or not. Throughout that decision, my husband was there, saying he would support me either way. He would make it work financially if I stayed home or he would help me find a daycare if I worked. Even now when I have moments of panic that I haven’t talked to an adult in days, he’s right there telling me to do what will make me happy. He’s not intimidated by who I am or my dreams of who I want to be.

Now, I know it’s shameless to brag about my husband on a public blog. But I think sometimes women get into the habit of bad-mouthing and mocking our husbands in an attempt to bond with our girlfriends. I know I’m guilty of my share of eye-rolling at girls’ night when it comes to talking about spousal shortfalls.

So this time, let’s share the positive attributes of our husbands, wives or significant others. What does he (or she) do that makes your life happier or easier? What makes him or her a good parent or spouse?

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