Gayby Boomers

Gayby boomers – it’s a term describing the generation of children being raised by homosexual couples. The “boom” started roughly 40 years ago along with the modern gay rights movement.

I’d never heard the term before reading a article this week about this demographic of children, many of whom are now grown and talking about their experience with parents of the same gender.

This group of “gayby boomers” is also at the center of the controversy surrounding homosexual rights. Some questions about the topic are trivial, such as what do they call their parents and whether gay parents produce gay children. To me, those questions are silly and sensational.

But I think questions about what’s in the best interest of the child are valid topics we have to discuss as a society — no matter what side of the debate you are on. While some experts argue these “gayby boomers” are missing a vital piece of the parenting puzzle, most of the children say they grew up feeling loved and secure.

What do you think — what are the disadvantages or advantages of having homosexual parents? And even if you think it’s not the ideal family scenario, does that necessarily mean homosexual couples shouldn’t adopt or have children?

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