Morning sickness

A friend of mine is pregnant and in the middle of the horror that is morning sickness. That name by the way is the biggest lie every told. It’s never limited to the morning, and sickness doesn’t even begin to describe the overwhelming feeling that takes over your body during the first few months of pregnancy.

Listening to my friend’s woes only reminds me of my pregnancy. I had a type of severe morning sickness where I couldn’t keep any food down for 10 weeks and had to go into the hospital for IV fluids and nutrients.

It was awful. I often told my husband that if he put a pillow over my face in my sleep, I wouldn’t fight it. It was really that bad. Of course, this was when I allowed my husband to sleep in our bed because the smell of his soap and deodorant was so repugnant I usually didn’t want him anywhere near me.

But around 16 weeks of pregnancy I stopped throwing up, stopped getting IVs and started to enjoy my pregnancy. Of course my bout of “morning sickness” left me with brittle bones, seven cavities and about 30 pounds lighter, but I survived it and so did my baby.

So I’m looking for some good tips for my friend to help her get through her morning sickness. What was your morning sickness experience? What helped or didn’t help?

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