Creepy Baby Products

There are a lot of bizarre baby products out there that I don’t really understand and sometimes think are just plain weird. But I saw one the other day that tops them all:

That’s right folks — the Zaky baby pillow, which claims that “it’s like leaving a part of you with your baby.”

Um … yes, if the piece you want to leave with your sleeping child is a disembodied forearm with sausage-like fingers and felt for skin.

Sure, that baby looks peaceful now, but I can only imagine the conversation with a therapist in 15 years: “Yes, I felt loved and safe as a child, until I woke up one morning and realized they were just hands. JUST HANDS! NO BODY! Don’t you understand? JUST HANDS!”

Yea, there’s really no way to recover from that.

Maybe I’m just old-school, but isn’t this pillow is missing some key elements of maternal comfort like the human touch? A heartbeat? Elbows?

Now I can see how some people could say this would comfort children and help them sleep. But seriously, what is so important in a mother’s life that she has to use fake hands instead of using her own? What happened to the good-old fashioned method of actually touching your child, anyway?

What do you think of this pillow? What are some bizarre baby products that you’ve seen?

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  1. Sally

    I think it is wonderful! My daughter, 7 now, has asked me for years to invent “Mommy Arms” to stay behind when she in bed. So not a mad concept at all, rather practical for sleeping babies who have a tendency to wake up the minute their mother tries to move away and young children who like the feel of their mothers arms around them! No therapy needed….just an alternative to one pair of mothers arms when at times more are necessary!

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