Traveling circus

I’m sure you heard about this major international security incident on the news this week — I tried to get through airport security with pink Play-Doh (gasp!)

While traveling for the holidays, I was asked to step aside as a no-nonsense guard said, “Ma’am, is this Play-Doh yours?”


So, to my shame, he confiscated my Play-Doh and proceeded to swab down a small jar of Gerber apple chunks. The people in line behind me were none too happy with my attempt to smuggle such dangerous contraband onto the flight.

But we made it through security — barely — and I was reminded once again why I don’t fly often with a toddler. Although I do love to watch people’s faces as they board they plane, frantically scanning their ticket to make sure they are not sitting next to the blonde toddler who is jumping on the seat and pushing the flight attendant button.

Nicole was actually pretty well-behaved on the flight, except for the roughly 10-minute-interval when she gently stroked the forearm of the burly man sitting next to me without me noticing. The rest of the flight was a little awkward after that — but hey, he could have moved his arm.

What are some of your best travel stories with kids from this holiday or years past?

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