The pregnant man

I’m sure you’ve all heard about Thomas Beatie, the “man” who has given birth to a baby girl and is now pregnant with his/her second child.

Like me, you may have heard about this on the news or on “Oprah,” and thought, “What?” I remember watching it on TV with my mouth hanging open as Beatie described how he/she was born a woman and has now become legally a man through testosterone treatment, breast removal and living as a man with his wife. He kept his female reproductive organs, however, and was able to have a baby thanks to a sperm donor and at-home insemination.

Wow. I’d love to be a fly on that wall in about 10 years for the birds and the bees discussion:

“Honey, when two women really love each other and one of those women has her breasts removed and grows facial hair, then the other woman can use a turkey baster to make a baby. Understand?”

Besides just being shocked by this story, I’m infuriated by it. I can’t help thinking that if you go through all that to become a man, then you forfeit the right to the most sacred and beautiful blessing of being a woman — motherhood.

You can’t have it both ways. Well, at least I thought you couldn’t.

What are your thoughts on this story?

Check out Beatie’s latest pregnancy announcement here

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