Baby section on airplanes?

Nobody likes sitting next to a screaming baby on an airplane. And trust me, it’s no fun being the embarrassed parent desperately trying to get that baby quiet.

A recent poll by asked people if airlines should have a special baby/kids section, and nearly 85 percent said yes.

Umm.. . can we say segregation?

So if we’re really going to group people on planes according to their annoying factor, then I have a few requests as well.

1. Middle-age men who have yet to discover the beauty of deodorant and breath mints. Yes, there should definitely be a special “salami-onion-inexplicable body odor” section.

2. Women who want to tell you all about their families even though you’re obviously trying to look busy thumbing through magazines and putting in your earphones. Ladies, you definitely need your own section where other women like you will relish the story of your granddaughter getting potty trained.

3. Let’s not forget the old people who turn to you during in-flight announcements to ask, “What did she say?” and then need to use the restroom 15 times (although for some reason requested a window seat.) Perhaps this oldies section could have a flight attendant with a megaphone and some type of catheter system.

So come on, let’s start sectioning people off and making them feel like they don’t deserve to fly in the first place. That’s going to help the lagging airline industry.

To be honest, I wouldn’t mind sitting with kids on a plane because they might entertain my daughter. But I don’t like being treated like a leper who can’t be around the “normal” people just because I have a kid.

Do you think it’s a good idea to make passengers with kids sit in their own section on airplanes? Are there other situations when you feel discriminated against because you have kids?

Check out the poll:

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